Trust In Me – Jennifer L. Armentrout

Trust In Me

Titre: With You Saga, Book 1,5: Trust in Me

Auteur: Jennifer L. Armentrout/ J. Lynn

Date de Parution: 22 Octobre 2013

Date de Parution Française: Non Déterminée

Éditeur: WilliamMorrow Impulse, 352 pages


Présentation de l’auteur:

Jennifer L. Armentrout, connue également sous le nom de J. Lynn, est une auteure américaine vivant à Martinsburg, en Virginie-Occidentale. Elle écrit aussi bien des romances contemporaines et paranormales que des livres New Adult, science-fiction ou fantasy. Jennifer a su gagner le cœur du public avec « Jeu de Patience » qui s’est rapidement trouvé sur la liste des bestsellers du New York Times et du USA Today. Elle jouit maintenant du titre bien mérité d’auteur à succès à la renommée internationale…

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Quatrième de Couverture:

 A New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Book.

It’s Wait For You as you’ve never seen it. Trust In Me lets you in on Cam’s side of the #1 New York Times Bestselling story.

Cameron Hamilton is used to getting what he wants, especially when it comes to women.But when Avery Morgansten comes crashing into his life – literally – he finally meets the one person who can resist his soulful baby blues. But Cam’s not ready to give up.  He can’t get the feisty and intriguing girl out of his head.

Avery has secrets, secrets that keep her from admitting the feelings. Cams knows she has for him. Will persistence (and some delicious homemade cookies) help him break down her barriers and gain her trust ? Or will he be shut out of Avery’s life, losing his first real shot at the kind of love that lasts forever ?



Le personnage principal: Cam.

Cameron Hamilton est étudiant dans une université de Virginie-Occidentale, mais également un jeune homme extrêmement séduisant jouissant d’une très forte popularité auprès de la gente féminine. Si à l’extérieur, il a tout d’un homme sûr de lui et particulièrement charmeur, intérieurement, il porte un poids qui pèse sur son âme et qu’il ne dévoile à personne, hormis à ceux en qui il a entièrement confiance…

Sa première rencontre avec Avery Morgansten est frappante, au sens propre comme au figuré. Et dès lors, il ne peut plus l’oublier. Il ne cesse de penser à elle, désire la connaître, passer plus de temps avec elle… Mais Cam sait que la partie ne sera pas facile. Avery est complètement différente des filles qu’il a fréquenté jusque là. Elle ne se laisse pas embobiner par ses charmes, ne cesse de le garder à distance malgré ses tentatives pour se rapprocher, ne montre pas ses émotions et surtout, elle est incroyablement mystérieuse. Car Cam le sait: Avery cache des secrets, des secrets qui l’empêchent de faire confiance et de s’ouvrir complètement à lui.

Toutefois, Cam ne se déclare pas vaincu. Il a enfin trouvé la fille parfaite, la fille avec qui il se verrait bien construire un avenir et il est hors de question de la laisser filer ! Patience et délicatesse sont nécessaires pour venir à bout des défenses d’Avery, Cam en est bien conscient… et peut-être aussi quelques cookies fait maison…



Extrait 1

« Laughing, I stopped and spun around, hauling her against my chest. There was a brief second when her wide eyes met mine as rain poured down on us. My smile was my only warning.

I wrapped an arm around her slim waist as I dipped, lifting her off her feet and tossing her over my shoulder. Her surprised squeal caused me to laugh, and this balloon-like pressure – it was the only way I could explain it – expanded in my chest and it felt good, like scoring a goal.

« You were running too slow ! »

Her fingers dug into the back of my sweater. « Put me down, you son of a -« 

« Hold on ! » I clamped my arm over her hips and took off.

Slipping in the deep puddles, we almost ate cement as I slid across the roof. The words that were coming out of her mouth, directed at me, would’ve burned the ears off of soldiers.

I skidded to a stop and yanked open the door, bending down as we escaped the rain. Turning so she wasn’t facing the wall, I grabbed her hips and lowered her down.

Sharp need punched right through me as her body slid down my front. My hands tightened on her hips and she tipped her head back. Her eyes darkened to a deep chocolate brown, and my bain clicked off as I somehow tugged her closer. I knew she had to feel my arousal, and considering we hadn’t even kissed, something about that seemed wrong, but I couldn’t let her go.

Her hands pressed against my chest, and I thought she was going to push me away, and swore to God right then and there, no matter how hard it would be, I would let her go if she did.

But she didn’t.

Avery’s hands flattened against my chest, above my pounding heart, and she had to have felt it.

My hand moved on its own accord, curving up her waist and then over her arm, to her throat and then her cheek. She gasped when my fingertips grazed her cheeks, catching the hair stuck to her temples. I tucked the strands back behind her ears, my hand lingering.

« You’re soaked. »

« So are you. »

I smoothed my thumb over the slant of her cheek. « I guess we’re going to have to try this another night. »

« Yeah, » she whispered as her eyes flickered shut and then swept back open.

« Maybe we shouldn’t checked the weather first. » When she smiled, I shifted my hips in response. Her body shuddered in such a mind-blowing way and her lashes lowered. Her lips parted even further, and I didn’t want to let her go. She felt too good this close.

Her chest rose in short, deep breaths as I lowered my head, wanting and needing to kiss her. Just once. That’s all I wanted. My eyes started to drift closer.

Avery suddenly jerked back, pressing a hand between her breasts. « I think we… we should call it a night. »

For a moment I couldn’t move and then leaned back, tipping my head against the wall. It took a couple of moments before I could speak. « Yeah, we should. »

The trip out of the building and back to the apartment wasn’t easy. I was still strung tight as a bow. Nothing seemed to make the raw edge go away. I tried reciting the alphabet backwards, tried thinking about the old lady who lived in the building nearby, who sometimes walked her dog in a white nightgown. The sight was not pretty, but it still didn’t work.

The rain was still coming down as we dashed across the parking lot and under the awning. I shook my head, spraying water everywhere. Avery stopped at the base of the stairwell leading up to our apartments, and I thought it was all the rain I’d just pelted her with. I opened my mouth to apologize, but she turned sideways, her face pale as she peered up at me.

A very different kind of ache sliced through my chest, stirring up that knot in there, at the stark confusion and fear in her eyes. Fear. I didn’t get it. Had I done that to her ? No. I couldn’t believe that. Not the way she had reacted to me. I saw it in her eyes. She had wanted me to kiss her, probably even as badly as I wanted to kiss her, but she had pulled away because… I honestly didn’t know.

I thrust my hand through my hair, pulling it off my forehead. « Go out with me. »

« No, » she whispered.

I grinned slightly, and her chest fell, her shoulders relaxed, as if she needed to hear this. « There’s always tomorrow. »

She followed me up the stairs. « Tomorrow’s not going to change anything. »

« We’ll see. »

« There’s nothing to see. You’re wasting your time. »

« When it concerns you, it’s never a waste of my time. »

And that was the damn truth. »

Extrait 2

« She grew quiet, and I checked out the time on the digital box below the DVD player. It was well after ten, and I expected her to kick my ass out any minute now, but when I shifted on the couch, throwing my right arm along the back, the entire left side of her body ended up against mine.

I froze and I believed my heart literally stopped as I waited for her to squirm away, keeping the mandatory two feet of personal space between us.

But she didn’t.

Holy shit, she didn’t.

I glanced down at the top of her head, forcing my breathing to remain steady. Over the next half hour, every cell in my body became aware of her weight, her warmth and her deep, even breaths.

My heart skipped a beat when her head came down on the spot just below my shoulder. Was she asleep ? « Avery ? »

When there was no answer, I determined that she had, in fact, fallen asleep on me. There was a swelling in my chest, bigger and tighter than the knot that seemed to form whenever I was around her. And the strangest damn thing happened as I stared down at her. Parts of my body hardened at her closeness, but my insides softened like butter left out in the sun.

You’re so fucked when it comes to that girl.

Those words kept coming back to me, time and time again. Maybe I was fucked, but I wouldn’t trade this moment for anything. Carefully, so that I didn’t wake her, I brought my arm off the back of the couch and gently guided her down so that her head rested on my thigh.

And something not too far north enlarged. Perhaps that wasn’t the smartest idea, because it was too tempting to have her this close, but this… well, it felt right in a way that it had never felt with any other girl.

My chest lurched as [she] snuggled in, folding her hands together under her chin. I watched her for a moment, soaking up the smooth line of her jaw, the curve of her cheek and those rosy lips.

Damn, I was fucked in all the right ways.

I tried to pay attention to the movie, but I hadn’t even realized when it ended and the regular channel kicked back in. My eyes were on Avery once more. I wasn’t even sure my attenton had ever left her.

I thought it was cool in the room, so I pulled the brown and green patchwork quilt over the back of the couch and draped it over her body. The bare expanse of her shoulder snagged my attention. Her shirt had slipped down her right arm and there was nothing but that little strap.

The soft glow of her skin lured me in and I was absolutely powerless to resist it. Lowering my hand, my breath caught as I touched the elegant curve of her shoulder.

Avery murmured in her sleep and wiggled a bit, but she didn’t wake up. It probably wasn’t cool to keep touching her, but I dragged my fingertips down her arm, relishing in the feel of her. Stopping at the hem of her shirt, my fingers grazed her silky skin all the way up to her cheek.

I was glad she was asleep, because the thought of her knowing how badly my hands shook would probably have been embarrassing as hell. Boy, they were trembling too, like I’d never touched a girl before.

Avery… hell, she completely undid me.

Tipping my head back against the couch, I closed my eyes and swallowed hard as I rested my hand on the flare of her hip. I could probably count on two fingers how many times I spent the evening with a beautiful girl curled up against me and asleep, when I was just content to be there with her. Part of my brain was telling me there was a word for this, as crazy as that word sounded and felt, so I ignored that part.

« No, » she murmured, and my eyes flew open. Her brow wrinkled, but she seemed to be asleep. « That’s not why I’m here… »

I cocked my head to the side, straining to hear what else she said, but the only other word I could pick up was « sorry » before she settled back down.

My heart pounded as I turned those words over. They didn’t make any sense and probably didn’t mean anything, but a ball of unease formed in my gut. »

Extrait 3

«  »Is there a young lady in your life now ? » he asked.

Perhaps I should’ve let him ask about soccer. « Dad… »

« What ? » He smiled again and then finished off the beer. « I like to have the four-one-one on my son’s life. »

My head dropped back. « Four-one-one ? Are you drunk ? »

« I’m buzzing. »

I laughed out loud. « Nice. »

« You didn’t answer my question. »

Reaching for the bottle, I eyed my father and then laughed at myself, because I knew what the words that were forming on my tongue were before I spoke them. « There’s… there’s someone. »

« Do tell. » Interest sparked in his eyes.

I smiled as I took the last gulp from the bottle. « We’re friends. »

« Friends as in… »

« Oh, come on, Dad. » I groaned, shaking my head.

« What ? » He cocked his head to the side. « Like I don’t know what you kids are doing. Like I didn’t do the same thing when I was your age. »

I might vomit. « We’re not like that. Avery isn’t like that. »

« She has a name ? Avery ? »

Shit. I couldn’t believe I even said her name. Was I buzzing ? « We’re friends, Dad. And she’s a… she’s… »

Dad’s dark brows rose. « She’s… ? »

Perfect. Beautiful. Smart. Funny. Prideful. Infuriating. The list could go on and on. « I’ve asked her out a couple of times. » A « couple of times » was literally the understatement of the year. « She’s turned me down each time. »

« And you keep asking ? »

I nodded.

« And you think she’s going to say yes eventually ? »

Smiling a little, I nodded again.

Dad leaned forward, crossing his arms on the round, oak table. « Did I ever tell you how many times your mother turned me down before she agreed to go out with me ? No ? A lot of times. »

« Really ? » I hadn’t known that.

Dad nodded. « I was a bit of a… rakehell in college. Had a reputation. » One side of his mouth tipped up, revealing a dimple in his left cheek. « Your mother didn’t make it easy. »

« So what changed it ? »

He shrugged. « Ah, she was secretly in love with me from the beginning, but you know what ? I had to chase her, and to be honest, if you don’t have to chase a woman, she’s probably not worth the effort. You get what I’m saying ? »

Not really. There was a good chance my dad was more than just buzzing, but I nodded, and then he said something that sort of clicked in my head.

« Surprise, » he said, winking. « Surprise the girl. Do something she’s not expecting. Always do something good she’s not expecting. »

Surprise her ? There were a lot of things I could do that would surprise [her], but I doubted he meant any of those things. But as I said good night to Dad and started toward the stairs, I knew what to do.

And I wanted to do it. »


Mon Avis:

Je trouve ça vraiment dommage que les livres comme Trust In Me, qui reprennent l’histoire du point de vue du second personnage principal – et généralement masculin d’ailleurs – ne soient pas traduit en français. Personnellement, j’adore le point de vue masculin et c’est pour cela que, même si c’est dans la langue d’origine – donc anglais -, je ne peux pas m’empêcher de l’acquérir.

Alors certes, ici, le point de vue de Cam ne nous apporte pas grand chose à l’histoire initiale, et même quasiment rien du tout, mais c’est un plaisir de savoir ce qui se tramait dans la tête de Cam dans Jeu de Patience.

D’ailleurs, en parlant de Cam, moi qui le croyait si sûr de lui et de ses « plans » pour atteindre Avery, je me rend compte que ce n’est pas vraiment le cas. Il doute quelques fois de ses décisions, hésite mais il est quand même très perspicace et surtout, déterminé (mais ça, nous le savions déjà !).

Très agréable à lire, ce livre m’a fait passer un très bon moment de détente et je suis contente d’avoir mis la main sur lui. Cam est un personnage qui m’avait déjà plu du point de vue d’Avery mais vivre l’histoire de ses yeux est encore meilleur et certaines de ses phrases et pensées sont assez marrantes…

Ah oui ! Nous avons tout de même une scène inédite en fin de livre où, entre autres, Avery apprend le surnom que Cam lui a donné… ;)


Intéressé par ce livre ? Retrouve-le sur ici:

Trust In Me – Jennifer L. Armentrout


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